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Apple’s New NYC Store Opens To Fanfare

New York City is full of tourist attractions—the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building … the Grand Central Station Apple store?

Apple’s latest branch has just opened in Grand Central Station, perhaps one of the most-visited and well-known transportation hubs in the U.S.

While there is no lack of Apple stores in the Big Apple—4 others exist in Manhattan alone—this one is set to become Apple’s flagship New York store. And the Grand Central Station Apple store is certainly deserving of the title.

Unlike other apple stores, the Grand Central location is designed using less of that glass window look that other Apple stores have become known for—it actually integrates itself into the station’s more classic look.

Situated atop the east and northeast balconies right inside the actual station, shoppers can get a view of the main concourse below, usually bustling with commuters and tourists coming in and out of New York.

The Grand Central Apple store is just the latest in a chain of more than 360 Apple stores in 11 countries, but it’s reception was likely the warmest a retail store could receive upon opening.

Throngs of enthusiasts flooded Grand Central Station in anticipation of its grand opening. And one thing was abundantly clear—Apple fans are there for the experience.

It seems that waiting in line for the latest release from the Apple empire has become something of ritual amongst enthusiasts. Some reports have people flying in from California, taking time off work or school, and waiting in line as early as Thursday for this golden opportunity.

Others may dismiss these die-hard Apple fans as crazed individuals, but it seems a certain community has built in the long, patient hours beforehand. Fans regularly talk about the bonds they’ve created while waiting for the latest that Apple has to offer.

While it’s clear that this latest Apple installment is a success, one can only wonder what impact it will have to the already busy Grand Central Station.