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Android Social Networking Gets Upgrade

Android users can rejoice at two new app updates that should make their social networking a little easier.

Facebook for Android gets a much-needed facelift. Touting a new user interface, users should now be able to zip around through photos, messages, and their News Feed with ease.

Facebook for Android’s biggest improvement over previous version is its main navigation. Without having to switch to another screen, you can see friend requests, messages, and notifications at the top of your main screen.

Photos have also been improved, showing tags, captions, comments and Likes. Facebook also claims that photos and albums are “up to 2 times faster than the previous Android app.”

Overall, the look and feel of the Facebook for Android app is similar to Facebook for iPhone, including the new left-hand slide-out panel menu that gives you quick access to all of Facebook’s features.

Google+ followed suit, with a new version of Google+ for Android available in the Android Market today.

Google+ for Android features the new Search icon that lets you quickly find posts or people on Google+ right from the app’s main dashboard.

The Google+ for Android update also includes a neat feature that lets you see who’s online and who’s currently typing in response to Messenger conversations.

Other improvements include higher-resolution photo uploads, the ability to +1 photos and comments, and support for Instant Upload for videos. Google+ for Android’s update also brings numerous bug and stability fixes.