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Open Office Impress vs. Microsoft PowerPoint

Impress is the open source answer to Microsoft Office’s PowerPoint. PowerPoint presentations have become the method of choice when it comes to business presentations, class projects and whenever someone wants to pass on information in a clear way. PowerPoint presentations are not the only option. Impress offers many of PowerPoint’s features–but without the $495.99 bill.

Open Office Impress can:

 -- Import images -- Create presentations -- Play presentations -- Access SWF (shockwave) files -- Export presentations to PDF. -- Work on multiple platforms including Windows, MacOS, Linux and Unix

Impress is free, open source, can do everything Windows PowerPoint can do and has added content. Because Impress is open source and many users are constantly working to perfect it, there are many image galleries and presentation templates available for download. Remember the most important advantage of Impress: by choosing Impress instead of Microsoft PowerPoint, you can save $495.99.