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Open Office Writer vs. Microsoft Word

The word processor has become a necessary piece of equipment for everyone and Microsoft Word is the household name and the go-to product, but it’s not the only choice. Open Office’s Writer is the open source answer to Microsoft Word. Writer has all the major functions of Microsoft Word without the hassle of Word’s proprietary formats and the $499.95 bill.

Writer has many of the same features as Microsoft Word:

 -- Spelling and grammar checking -- Auto correct -- Styles and formatting -- Headers and footers -- Support for insertion of images and graphs

Writer is open source, which means that many different people all over the world are constantly working to make the program better. Not only have the people working on Writer created a program with all of the features of Microsoft Word, but they have added many great features as well:

 -- Auto complete -- Backwards and forwards compatibility with Microsoft Word -- Compatibility with most word processor formats including Word Perfect and Apple Pages

Only a handful of people use their word processor more than a few times a month. If you are like the average user who hardly uses their word processor then you simply don’t need Word. You don’t need all the extra features that you pay for when you buy Word but you’ve never used and you don’t need the $499.95 price tag. What you need is free Open Office Writer.