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Open Office: Your Free Microsoft Office Suite

OpenOffice: Download from here!

Microsoft Office is one of the most popular applications in the history of computers. Just about every computer in the world has a copy of Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Access. Every couple of years, Microsoft comes out with a new version of Office and every one of its millions of users must pay the price to use this vital, necessary application. Some versions of Microsoft Office can run up to $499.95.

It seems unfair to charge that kind of a price for a program that is so vital to both business and personal computing. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a rival application, one that had all the utilities of Microsoft Office, all the features, but none of the price?

Well, the folks at Open Office thought so too. Open Office is the free, opensource answer to Microsoft Office. Open Office is so great, and so full of features that we’re actually going to be talking about it for the next few days:

Get a look at Open Office here.