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Tux Suite Part 3: TuxMath

The editorial department actually had a lot of fun testing TuxMath. Your children will learn math by helping Tux the Penguin defend his city from asteroids and meteors. The range of usefulness of this educational software is such that everyone from young children learning basic addition to adults like the editorial staff can both have fun and find a challenging difficulty level.

The game works like this: at lower difficulties numbers appear on the screen inside of meteorites and the player types the number they see to fire a laser and shoot down the meteor, thus saving Tux’s friends. This teaches young children the recognition of numbers as they begin to learn numbers. The levels get progressively harder teaching addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and, finally, algebra. Because of the wide expanse of skills taught by this one program, TuxMath can help children of all ages hone their math skills. There is even an extra game where Tux must shoot asteroids and the asteroids split into fractions and factorials.

There is nothing in the world that is more fun than shooting lasers at asteroids. There just isn’t. The creators of TuxMath were aware of that and have turned that fun into a way to teach your children math. The editorial staff recommends it. In fact some of them are still playing it.

Tux Suite Part 2: TuxTyping

Which is better, having a computerized voice sass you every time you press the wrong key or saving the city from a meteor shower? Which one do you think your kids would rather do?