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VirtuaWin is Now Available!

VirtuaWin is a desktop management tool that allows the user to create multiple workspaces and switch between workspaces right on their monitor. VirtuaWin allows for up to 20 separate workspaces and supports active windows in each workspace. With VirtuaWin, you can give order to your computer.

The ability to run multiple workspaces is a basic function on Linux and Unix systems that has been lacking on Windows for too long. Once you get used to having multiple workspaces on your desktop you won’t be able to imagine any other way to work.

Try out VirtuaWin here and see for yourself.

Notepad++ 5.3.1 is available

We have just added our newest product, Notepad++. Notepad++ is really two products in one because it is both a replacement for Windows Notepad and a strong source code editor for developers. Notepad++ is the best of both words because Notepad++ has specifically been designed to be good for the environment by taking up less CPU power and saving electricity. Notepad++ won sourceforge.net’s 2008 Best Tool or Utility for Developers so we think you will love it. Click here to try it out now .

Tux Math 1.7.2 is available

We are proud to announce our newest piece of educational software on Uberdownloads.com— Tux Math. Tux Math teaches number skills from number recognition to addition, subtraction, multiplication, fractions, factors, algebra and division of positive and negative numbers. The program is designed for children 4-12 but some of the higher skill levels can be useful for middle and high school aged children learning algebra and positive and negative numbers.

Try out Tux Math and see if having fun while learning is right for your children!