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Your Free Design Suite

More and more, design software is a necessity for small business and personal work. Not everyone needs professional design software, but sometimes you only need a program a few times a year and sometimes it’s nice to have. If you want to edit photos you need Photoshop, if you want to create vector graphics you need Illustrator, if you want professional layout you need InDesign, but what if you didn’t?

What if you had your own design suite that didn’t cost you a dime? If you need a design suite but you don’t feel a need to pay for Adobe’s Creative Suite, then consider your opensource answers:

Adobe Creative Suite 4 = $2,499 Opensource $0.00
InDesign = $699 Scribus = $0.00
Photoshop = $999 GIMP = $0.00
Illustrator = $599 Inkscape = $0.00

These three programs, GIMP , Inkscape and Scribus , can effectively eliminate the need to spend money on your design suite.


GIMP is the opensource solution for people who don’t want to pay thousands of dollars for a photo editing program. GIMP has many of the same functions as Adobe Photoshop and none of the cost. With GIMP you can do anything from touching up pictures to creating your own art. You can change the perspective on photographs, remove damage from pictures or merge pictures together—and just about anything else you can imagine.

*Photoshop* *Gimp*
Custom Styles Custom Styles
3D effects 3D effects
Custom filters Custom filters



Inkscape is the freeware answer to expensive design utilities. We’re not talking about MS Paint here. Inkscape has all the utilities of a major design utility. Inkscape is specifically designed for vector graphics which means that images don’t get blurry or pixilated when they are too large or too small because vector graphics don’t use resolution the way bitmap utilities do.

*Illustrator* *Inkscape*
Vector graphics Vector graphics
Create images Create images
Edit images Edit images



Scribus is a professional design program that lets you lay out books, manuscripts, reports, papers and just about any project. Scribus lets you professionally format your work and prepare it for printing or publication. With Scribus, you can edit your publication simply and easily and Scribus comes loaded with formats and fonts to make getting your project to look just right just that much easier.

*InDesign* *Scribus*
Professional formatting Professional formatting
Custom formats Custom formats
Custom fonts Custom fonts
Easy to place images Easy to place images


With these three opensource programs you can revolutionize your design experience and save yourself a lot of money. If you’re still not sure then remember; opensource means that you can download it, try it and decide if you like it at no cost to you.