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WinCPUID 0.3 is available

WinCPUID is our newest tool to help you control, monitor and keep your computer running. WinCPUID monitors your computer’s CPU and helps you identify your CPU and monitor its functionality. Use WinCPUID, you can better control your machine.

Check out WinCPUID and see for yourself.

HealthMonitor 3.1 is available

If you’ve come to our site looking for tools to work on your system’s health, then it’s your lucky day because we’ve just released HeathMonitor a freeware system health monitoring tool.

HealthMonitor watches over your computer and watches for the telltale signs of an upcoming system crash or slowdown. When HealthMonitor sees a problem it alerts on screen but also by sending a text message or an email to warn you no matter where you are.

By constantly monitoring your system, HealthMonitor can alert you to potential problems before they harm your computer but HealthMonitor also contains ten utilities to check your computer for problems instantly and tell you if anything is wrong with your system when you install the program.

Give HealthMonitor a try and see how your computer stacks up right now. Remember freeware means you can try our products without obligation.

Windows Powertools 3.1 is available

Announcing Windows Powertools the solution to your Windows maintenance and repair needs.

Windows Powertools is an easy to use launcher for six utilities, each designed to give you the ability to easily control what is happening inside your machine. These utilities allow you to clear your computer’s cache–increasing its speed–check your disk for errors and easily repair any errors, update your drives from FAT to NTFS file systems, gain space on your computer by compressing your drives, convert image types and defragment your drives.

Try Windows Powertools now and have your computer running better and faster in a few minutes.

WinSCP 4.1.8 is available

WinSCP is our new security focused FTP client. FTP is one of the best and fastest ways to transfer files over the internet, especially in large groups and we are proud to have this new utility available for you on uberdownloads.

WinSCP is first and foremost concerned with making your FTP transfers safe and reliable. Using Secure Shell (SSH) technology to block malicious attacks and protect your files, WinSCP allows you to safely and securely transfer files between local and remote computers. WinSCP offers easy to use file management and synchronization while securing your most important information.

Check out the WinSCP site now and see what we’re talking about. Why leave your important documents open to attack or theft?

X-Chat Free 3.0 is available.

X-Chat Free 3.0 is our new, free, version of the popular X-Chat internet relay chat (IRC) client.

If you already use IRC then try out X-Chat Free 3.0 and see how it compares to your current client—we bet that it’s better. IRC is a way for people across the world to communicate over their computers. If you don’t use IRC, if you’ve never even heard of IRC then X-Chat Free is the program to get you started. X-Chat Free simplifies the IRC interface and makes it more accessible to new users. X-Chat Free is designed to be your personal, customizable IRC chat client.

Get your copy of X-Chat Free 3.0 and get chatting.