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Why Won’t My Video Play? — VLC Media Player

You’ve just opened a new DVD and slid it into your computer, your brother in Albuquerque has just sent you video of the new baby or you want to watch your favorite show online. You push the play button and…nothing.

Nothing happens.

Your media player sits there black and silent, maybe it is good enough to give you an error or maybe it gives it everything it’s got and plays you some sound with pretty swirly pictures instead of your video.

What’s just happened? What’s wrong? Well, how are your codecs?

What are codecs anyway? Well, to put it simply, your video gets all scrambled up and compressed while it’s stored on your computer or DVD. A codec is the key to unscrambling your video file and without it your computer doesn’t know what to do with the file you’re trying to play.

Why didn’t my media player come with a codec?

Your media player did come with a codec, but every media player has its own codec, as does every different type of media recorder and chances are that whoever made your video had a different one. To make it more complicated, you might even have the right codec for your file, but new codecs are released all the time and your codec might be outdated.

Don’t give up.

Many codecs are available for download online. Codecs are absolutely free because the people who make them want you to use their products, but there are a lot of codecs out there and, short of searching for each and every one, your best solution is to download a codec pack or a media player that comes with most of the codecs you will need.

What a hassle.

There is an easy solution.

Meet VLC Media Player. VLC Media Player comes equipped to play most video codecs and file formats. VLC replaces your current media player and allows you to play just about any video you can find.

VLC is a freeware medial player which means it is free to try and free to use. Even better, VLC Media Player has the capability to repair and play damaged video files so if it turns out that the codec is not your problem then VLC is still your best bet to play your files.

Download VLC Media Player now, install it and be watching your videos in just a few minutes. It’s just that easy.